Angle Grinders for Situp kits

Situp Grinder Improves Productivity 300%

Situp Grinder is a kit that attaches to an angle grinder

Situp Grinder is a kit for concrete floor grinding and floor edge grinding that attaches to a 9 in or 230mm angle grinder to extend the handles and trigger control to knee height so the angle grinder can be used while the operator is seated on a mobile stool or chair. The reduced fatigue can improve daily productivity by up to 300%

The video below shows a difficult epoxy grinding job on hard concrete and a wavy floor after the standup grinder had already failed to remove most of it.

Floor grinding in this way requires less effort because body weight is transferred from the knees to a chair and mobility is enhanced compared to working from the kneeling position.

Situp Grinder kit in exploded view

Situp Grinder Kit parts breakdown

The Situp Grinder kit consists of a welded steel frame and mounting bracket, fasteners to secure it to the grinder, a sliding side handle for left or right handed operation, a weight holding tube, trigger switch mechanism, Hybrid dust shroud and economy 12 segment turbo grinding wheel.

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Edge grinding of concrete floors is smoother and faster with more control of the grinding wheel. Concrete floor grinding can be performed with much less effort even when removing glue or coatings.

Situp is a serious grinder

The Situp Grinder kit transforms an angle grinder into an excellent floor grinder and floor edge grinder and is ideal for the small operator who needs to get the job done quickly without the expense of a larger floor grinder. For large jobs it will cut down the edge grinding times and does not require as much downtime because fatigue is substantially reduced.

As a floor edger it is easier to control than a handgrinder used while kneeling, it is faster to move along walls and will help to eliminate the slow edge grinding process.

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