Situp Grinder Attachment

This Situp kit turns a handgrinder into a serious machine for very low cost

Situp kit turns a handgrinder into a serious machine

Add a mobile chair and this Situp kit turns a handgrinder into a serious machine that saves your knees and your back while increasing productivity and the quality of edge grinding.

When you use the Situp kit attachment together with a mobile chair you glide smoothly with much better control of the grinder and the grinding process so you are more productive than when you hand grind on your knees and you have to crab-walk along walls and edges. The reduction in fatigue and rest breaks increases productivity by up to three hours per day.

Just because a stool or chair is used to hand grind does not mean it is slower or only for the weak, in fact just the opposite.

The Situp Kit’s purpose was always to speed up the hand grinding process while lowering stress and fatigue. Checkout this extreme grinding for leveling joints. Grinding speeds of 25 to 35 sq.m’s per hour is common when surface preparation grinding. It is even possible to grind at 40 sq.m’s per hour if an even cleanup of the floor is all that is required.


12kg of weights hand grinding a hard concrete floor sitting on a stool with castors for smooth maneuvering

Here is why it makes such a big difference

After pushing down on a handgrinder to bite into a hard floor for long periods energy is quickly lost and frequent breaks are required. With up to 15kg of weight on the Situp kit attachment you can still glide it over the floor with ease while it is biting into the floor without needing you to push down constantly.

That means you do not need frequent breaks which is a big time saving!

Situp Grinder edge grinding path

8kg of weights make easy work of hard concrete

The Situp kit turns a handgrinder into a serious machine to prevent the worst injury from handgrinding which is tendon damage of the Glute Med and Min muscles in your buttocks.

This common kneeling injury can take years to heal

Those muscles are attached to the pelvis and the thigh bone and they are the ones that lift your body up when you are kneeling down by retracting and pulling your torso upwards. It is the worst injury because tendonosis in that area will render a worker useless for one or more years and usually results in trachonteric bursitis and inflammation of the sciatic nerve because both are next to the tendons and get referred inflammation. Injuries are very costly for contracting companies and this injury is preventable.


Glute muscles work hard in the kneeling position

The reason it takes years to heal in many cases is because there is almost no blood flow to the tendons and cortisone injections only produce a slight reduction in pain and cannot be given frequently. This injury inflicts severe pain constantly which is at its worst while sitting, sleeping and driving and will prevent the employee from working.

You can read more about bursitis in this article

You can purchase your Situp kit here

By resting your body weight on a chair while grinding this injury will not happen. Having your knees and arms take all of your body weight and shifting it from side to side as you move will quickly use up energy reserves and results in fatigue as the image below left indicates. A Situp kit can make all the difference because energy is not used up moving the body along the floor.

Kylie on all fours

Kneeling places all of the body weight on knees and hands


Sitting up straight to hand grind floors is the best position