how to get polished concrete floors

Polished Concrete Corner Tools Are Fast With Great Results

Polished concrete corner tools that work hard

Polished concrete corner tools are available for an oscillating multi tool to remove lippage and grind and polish tight areas such as corners.

Unfortunately we are moving out of this line and only have 60 grit and 120 grit tools available plus rasps.

Grind and polish concrete corners tool set

The set of ten tools contains both finger tools and triangle tools. Four electroplated diamond fingers in grits 20,40,60 & 120 and three electroplated diamond triangles in grits 40,60 & 120. A finger rasp and a triangle rasp of carbide are included for glue and paint removal together with a triangle hook pad for attaching resin pads. (Resin pads not included)

Using the diamond, polished concrete corner tools to remove lippage and to grind and polish concrete corners is quick and easy. For very hard concrete begin with the 20 grit finger, otherwise for normal concrete begin with 40 grit. All the tools are long lasting and very economical.

They can be used to grind or polish concrete corners of floors, tight areas under stairs or around or behind any structure on the floor that hand-grinding will not reach. They are excellent for completing stairs in very tight areas or for edging perfectly against a wall.

Concrete counter tops often have hard to reach faces that these tools will finish very quickly. Small joints across walkways can be smoothly and evenly leveled using the fine grits where a salt and pepper or cream finish is desired because machine leveling can sometimes be too harsh.

Other uses for this ten set of polished concrete corner tools include grinding and polishing patching where repairs were required after a floor has been completed, grinding and polishing low areas of floor that were not reached by larger machines, cleaning out cracks ready for filling and removing and flattening concrete lumps around pipes.

The electroplated diamonds cut quickly without creating airborne dust (the dust accumulates around the tool without rising into the air) and reduce the lippage to the same level as the main floor rapidly with little effort.

The universal fitting of each tool will be suitable for most multi tool brands.

polished concrete corner tools

Carbide rasps will rapidly remove glues and soft or thick coatings before using the diamond tools to speed removal and prevent clogging of the electroplated diamonds.

polished concrete corner tools

polished concrete corner tools

The common way to match the polish in corners to the rest of the floor is to use  triangles cut from the resin pads that you are already using to fit the triangle hook backer pad.

polished concrete corner tools

polished concrete corner tools

Both the finger tools and the triangle tools have independent uses so that having both will solve the many corners, edges and other hard to reach areas that a contractor may encounter.

There are conical corner tools available which connect to a drill and which appear to be the answer but unfortunately they blunt quickly on the tip and the round nature of the tool leaves grooves in the floor rather than grinding flat. With the tools above the finger tools get into tight corners grinding flat and target only the raised lippage until it is reduced to the ground area, then the triangle tools are used to provide a very flat grind of the corner.