How to use Situp

How to use Situp instead of handgrinding on your knees

How to use Situp

This video shows how to use Situp while it floats in its natural position with some weight at the front to counter balance the grinder at the back.

Instructions hold it gently

Hold it gently and let it float

All the operator has to do is float it across the floor and use more weights to increase the penetration or depth of cut.

This video also reveals a secret where you can use more force in a controlled manner to dig out toolmarks or dip into low areas, or remove stubborn paint or glue deposits quickly and easily.

The height of the handles and the floating of the grinder wheel give the operator more feel of high and low spots and tilting the grinder while edging will flatten out the low parts. This is how to use Situp.


Edging is smooth and feathered