hand grind concrete floors tools

Great tools to handgrind concrete floors that will save your back

Tools to make it easier to handgrind concrete floors

Here’s how to handgrind concrete floors cheaper, faster and better while being kind to your back and boosting your bank balance too.

All companies that handgrind concrete floors for surface preparation, glue removal, edge grinding or leveling will save with these professional tools.

Check out these great tools:

For soft glue and soft coatings removal where most cupwheels struggle because the melting glue or coating clogs traditional diamond cupwheel segments we have the Tearitoff range with special segment design to avoid clogging.

See this video for removing sticky glue from a hard concrete floor without heavy scratching using a 120 grit Tearitoff wheel on a Situp Grinder. No other 120 grit segment we know of would be able to do this work as quickly and without smearing.

handgrind concrete floors

Glue removal from concrete floors with the Tearitoff diamond grinding wheel

That means very fast glue removal with little effort and large time savings.  They are available in 178mm (7in), 125mm (5in) and in grits 20/30 (very coarse), 30/40 (coarse), 50/60 (fine) & 100/120 (very fine). The Tearitoff bond is hard so they will not wear away quickly which also means they are not suitable for hard concrete. Only the 20/30 grit will grind up to 32mpa hard concrete. Generally, the 20/30 grit wheel will perform better than traditional segment wheels with 16/20 grit diamonds which means less scratching for the same or faster result so a second grind to remove the scratches may not be required.

High productivity, hand grinding, Situp kits

handgrind concrete floors

Situp Kits increase productivity by up to 300%

handgrind concrete floors

Epoxy removal with Situp Grinder

handgrind concrete floors

Original style Situp kit

If you handgrind floors or edges the Situp kits can increase your productivity up to three times for a fraction of the cost of most stand up grinders while being easier to carry, transport and store.

It is not necessarily faster than kneeling to handgrind although it often is; the extra productivity comes from big reductions in rest breaks because of lowered exertion for the same result so operators do not require as much recovery time due to greatly reduced fatigue.

Short video

Other advantages are flatter grinding because the grinding wheel is floated across the floor; automatic grinding depth regulation with the ability to vary the weights and much faster edging work because side movement while kneeling is slow and awkward compared to rolling along a wall on a chair which is smooth and fast.

The chair is a big part of the secret, but it is not suitable for grinding at floor level and only works well when the handles are at knee height. All the body weight of an operator is on the stool/office chair instead of the knees and shoulders which can move effortlessly over the floor on the five castor wheels. They never get stuck because the base will rotate immediately if a wheel encounters an obstruction which clears the wheel without stopping the chair’s travel. Even on debris covered floors the five-castor swivel base found on all office chairs works remarkably well and the plastic castors show almost no signs of wear after years of use.

The grinding kits are simple to mount onto 230mm (9in) angle grinders with three bolts. A trigger mechanism is connected and adjusted and the dust shroud attaches with three screws.

The grinder kit at $750 plus gst comes with a Silver Turbo 178mm grinding wheel . Not included are the angle grinder, weights (you can purchase these from us) or chair. Any cheap or old chair with or without a back will be sufficient as long as the base and castors are in good working order.

Corner grinding diamond tools

handgrind concrete floors corner tools

Set of 10 corner tools includes rasps and diamond grits from 20 to 120

Note: We are running down stock of these corner tools and only have 60 grit and rasps available.

Diamond coated multi tool triangles and fingers are available to grind into corners to remove paint and glue, to remove lippage and to flatten and polish the concrete. These fit most multi tools with a universal fitting, they have a long life and effectively cut down corners to match the rest of the job. $199 plus gst for a kit of 10. Also available separately.

Eliminate dust cleanup with quality dust shrouds

Our dust shrouds are manufactured from steel, they have multi-fit molded inserts to fit the most popular brands of grinders, a floating skirt that does not require adjustment and a rubber skirt with hook and loop attached that can be purchased if it is preferred over the floating skirt. Their main feature is the elimination of suck-down when you handgrind concrete floors and close to zero friction so that they float easily across the floor with very little effort while directing dust to the out let tube which is connected to a vacuum dust collector.

handgrind concrete floors

178mm (7in) dust shrouds for 230mm (9in) angle grinders to control and remove dust

With all of the visible airborne dust collected there is usually no clean up or a minor cleanup of only the floor. There are two dust shrouds available – a 178mm (7in) and a 125mm (5in). The 178mm is round with a flat front to get up to the edge of walls with no dust escape.  The 125mm has two edging sections and a ninety degree corner at the front/side so that a 125mm cupwheel can touch both walls in a corner without dust escape.


125mm (5in) corner dust shroud with floating skirt

When dust is allowed to escape into the air from the grinding process it quickly flows to most connected areas leaving a film of dust on everything and which tends to stick and needs to be wiped or washed off. Using a dust shroud and suitable vacuum dust collector to handgrind concrete floors can prevent this time-consuming clean up.

Concrete dust vacuums need to be able to handle large concentrations of dust and be able to clean their filters quickly. One such vacuum is the Metabo ASR 25L SC which is reasonably priced  from a power tools shop.