Hand polishing with 178mm is faster

Hand polishing with 178mm is faster and edges are flatter than 125mm

Hand polishing with 178mm resin ring pads is faster and more stable

When hand polishing at 50 to 200 grits you can use top speed and get the job done faster with more stability. Slower polisher speed can still be used for higher grit sizes and different types of concrete.

The circumference of a 178mm pad is greater than a 125mm pad so it spins faster around the outside at the same motor speed.

If you use a Situp Polisher you can also add weights.

Situp Polisher right view

Situp Polisher kit on a Makita variable speed polisher

When using the Situp Polisher for hand polishing another advantage is that the weight bias is towards the front which feathers in the polishing edge at the back.

It is possible to fit a 178mm backing pad to a 180mm variable speed polisher with our 178mm dust shroud by using the polisher inserts pack which provides mounting for Makita and Hitachi polishers.

178mm backer pad for resin ring pads

178mm backer pad with hook for resin ring pads

178mm polishing pad on variable speed polisher

178mm Ring pad, backer pad and dust shroud on Hitachi polisher

mounting inserts for polishers

Dust shroud mounting collar inserts for polishers

Simply fit the inserts into the mounting collar of the 178mm dust shroud and clamp it onto the polisher, then spin on the 178mm backer pad and add the resin ring pads.

Concrete Decor think so too in “Size matters”

Hand polishing is faster and smoother when 178mm wheels and pads are used. Especially important are the Easy Edge 178mm ceramic bond wheels for smoothness and faster cutting times.

When using the Situp Polisher hand polishing is lifted to a new level of smoothness and comfort with the weights doing all the work.


178mm dust shroud