Guide to removing hand polishing tool marks

Guide to removing hand polishing tool marks

Guide to removing hand polishing tool marks and scratches from concrete

Removing hand polishing tool marks is essential because they will stand out when the floor is polished. This will ruin the beauty of the polished floor.

Polished concrete is achieved by grinding many times with progressively finer grits each time. From around 400 grit and higher the floor will look progressively more polished so all toolmarks need to be removed by the 400 grit stage.

Hand grinding and polishing concrete floors is essential for small rooms and edges of floors. This is where mistakes are easily made if the right diamond tools, equipment and processes are not followed.

The most common mistakes that cause toolmarks and scratches are:

  • Using a hand held angle grinder while kneeling
  • Grinding with a 125mm (5 inch) wheel
  • Using a metal bond diamond wheel

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Angle grinders held in the hands are difficult to balance which is worse when the wheel is small and especially while using an aggressive metal bond diamond wheel.

To solve this problem of scratches by removing hand polishing tool marks:

  • Use a Tearitoff metal bond diamond wheel for first and second cut. You can go one grit size higher with these which will be smoother without compromising productivity
  • Use a 178mm (7 inch) grinding wheel instead of the smaller 125mm (5 inch) wheel
  • Attach a Situp kit to the angle grinder to maintain better balance of the grinding wheel with weight bias at the front
  • Swap to an Easy Edge ceramic bond, transition wheel for the third, fourth and fifth cut
  • Attach a Situp kit to the polisher when using the Easy Edge wheel and use weights appropriately

The Situp kits will enable the grinding wheels to balance better and maintain a flat angle. The weights will give uniformity to the cutting action and put a bias to the front of the grinder. This means the grinder or polisher can be floated flat across the floor removing hand polishing tool marks from previous grits.

Time overruns can be avoided by using the above combination because of the excessive amount of time it takes to remove toolmarks while hand grinding and the the lost time rectifying previous work when each new grit size is used.