grinding hard concrete

Glazed diamond segments from grinding hard concrete

Glazed Diamond segments can be renewed again if you know how

Glazed diamond segments are caused by hard concrete which does not produce enough sands to keep the diamonds exposed. This leads to rubbing and heat instead of cutting.

Do not throw your diamond grinding wheel away if this happens.

The first thing you need to do is change to a softer bond diamond grinding wheel on your concrete grinder or to a Tearitoff universal wheel both of which will keep cutting with less heating up.

See Grinding Hard Concrete for more information and the trick about wetting the floor.

Later, to restore your glazed diamond segments find a softer floor that you can grind for a minute or two after which the segments will quickly sharpen up again. The softer the floor, the faster this will occur, there is nothing wrong with the segments other than the temporary glazing caused by the hard concrete floor.