fast and flat edge grinder

Edge grinder with weights and controllable floating head grinds flatter

Edge grinder produces flatter edges faster

Edge grinder attachments from Concrete Grinder Sales enable the grinder to float flat, yet it can be controlled quickly and easily to cut deeper at the edge or feather back to the ground floor.

The Situp edge grinder will produce the flattest edges when preparing for polishing the edges of concrete floors because it is designed to floatthe diamond grinding wheel flat on the floor and to follow the contours.

It will also be the fastest concrete grinder and edge grinder in 240V single phase because of the enormous torque and power of the 230mm (9in) angle grinder universal motor concentrated on a 178mm (7in) diamond grinding wheel with extra weight at the front to increase the speed of grinding.

grinding hard concrete edges

Fast, flat edge grinding of hard concrete

Most hand grinding to prepare for polishing edges leaves dips and ring marks because of the difficulty in keeping the diamond grinding wheel flat while balancing on the knees and crab walking along on knees and the tendency for operators to use the edge of the grinding wheel to dig into the concrete floor more aggressively.

Using a Situp Kit as an edge grinder eliminates these problems because the weights at the front make the diamond grinding wheel more aggressive while keeping the wheel flat on the concrete floor. Hand grinding with the Situp kit is faster, smoother and produces flatter edges.

The following video shows how to expose the aggregate along edges of floors using the Situp edge grinder. This was very hard concrete and the wheel did get hot at times with 5kgs of weight, but it still outperformed more expensive wheels that were tried on the same job. Situp edge grinder video