extreme grinding

Extreme grinding with an angle grinder, weights and Situp frame

Extreme grinding and joint leveling with a Situp Grinder and Silver Turbo wheel illustrates how productive this combination can be.

Extreme grinding was required for our customer who had a factory to grind where all the slabs were uneven, mostly 25-30mm difference which required grinding down until they were level. He did not own three phase equipment and power on site was only 240V so he purchased a Situp Grinder.

leveling of joints

Most joints were like this one, badly out of level

After wearing out the Silver Turbo he purchased a couple of other expensive wheels for the job which ended up not being as productive or as smooth. Two more Turbo wheels were purchased and the work began again.

14kg of weight was added to the Situp Grinder because the job required deep grinding into the aggregate and this made a big difference to the productivity.

silver turbo and situp level joints

14kg of weights, Silver Turbo grinding wheel, Makita 230mm angle grinder and the Situp Grinder attachment

The 178mm (7in) grinding wheel was the perfect size to apply a lot of force on the high edges to cut them down and then to smooth out the rest of the slab. The Situp attachment allowed the operator to lean down on the grinder as well until the grinder began to slow down. Working on this peak of performance intermittently  the angle grinder could cope quite well.

Level joints after situp and silver turbo

After the bulk of the leveling was completed with a Situp Grinder the Husky 530 was used to clean up

See the video of Extreme Grinding

A Husky 530 planetary grinder was used afterwards to wet grind the floor and finish the leveling.