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Welcome to our new floor edging site specializing in edge grinding and edge polishing  products for concrete floors.

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Our current range includes specialized dust shrouds, kits that allow you to grind and polish with a handgrinder from the sitting position and a range of diamond tooling with unique uses in relation to edging.

The most popular item is our 178mm dust shroud which has a floating skirt, is constructed of steel, is smooth and frictionless to operate and fits all the major brand angle grinders with five molded inserts.

Next is the 125mm Corner Dust Shroud which also has a floating skirt, is constructed of steel and has seven molded inserts to suit all the major brands of 180mm polishers and 125mm angle grinders. The unique “corner” design allows full access into corners.

We have two Situp kits which attach to an angle grinder to allow for operation of the grinder in the sitting position on an office chair which is highly mobile across floors. The first is the Situp Grinder that attaches to a 230mm angle grinder and the other is a Situp Polisher attached to a 180mm variable speed polisher. The first for grinding floors, the second for polishing. These are mainly used for edges and small rooms, but the Situp Grinder is very fast and powerful and can often keep up with a 240V planetary grinder.

We have an excellent economy diamond wheel which is a professional quality wheel, turbo style, 30/40 grit, 12 segments call the Silver Turbo wheel and two special wheels.

The Tearitoff wheel will grind hard concrete without glazing and not wear away quickly on soft to medium hardness concrete compared to other soft bond wheels. It has distinctive round segments that contain small rods of diamond segment which easily remove glue and soft coatings without clogging. We call it the Universal wheel because it does almost everything.

Our Easy Edge wheels are super smooth and grind most concrete easily, but not aggressively. They have a ceramic bond and will remove tool marks from floors which makes them ideal to prepare floors for coating or for edge grinding to match the main floor area when polishing.

We have the only Cornertool that attaches to a 180mm variable speed polisher with plates that are magnetically attached and a cradle for the polisher with wheels and height adjustment to keep it flat.

Our aim is to bring the most innovative and useful tools to contractors and we hope you will try them and reap the benefits.