easy edge ceramic bond grinding wheel

Easy Edge removes tooling marks with a ceramic bond wheel

Easy Edge removes tooling marks with ceramic bond and  is fast and smooth

While cutting hard concrete smoothly Easy Edge removes tooling marks to leave a flat surface. These are known as ‘transition’ diamonds that are great to use between metal bond diamonds and resin bond diamonds often resulting in a skipped step.


Easy Edge ceramic bond transition diamond wheel

They cut well and you can see any scratches left when you are using a handgrinder so you know when you have done the job properly. It is even easier with a Situp Polisher or on the Situp Grinder because its maximum speed is 6,700 rpm.

Video of skipping-a-step from 50 grit Easy Edge to 270 grit Easy Edge

In the video above you can see how Easy Edge removes tooling marks smoothly and gently.

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When going to resin bond after 100 grit metals it is normally wise to drop down to 50 grit resin and then up to 100 grit resin and then 200 grit resin, but now you can skip two steps by using a 270 grit Easy Edge ceramic bond after the 100 grit metals.

Available in 30, 50, 100, 270 and 400 grit you will find these wheels make edging much faster and easier.