easy edge removes toolmarks

Easy Edge ceramic bond removes toolmarks with a handgrinder

Easy Edge prevents and removes toolmarks and scratches while hand grinding and polishing concrete floors

Hand grinding with Easy Edge ceramic bond transition diamond tooling makes small floors and edges easier and faster.

Swapping to an Easy Edge after the first or second cut grinding of polished concrete floors will prevent toolmarks and scratches and increase the speed of the job. Ceramic bonds are transition diamonds so you can move directly to resins afterwards. EG. 30/40 metal, 50/60 metal, 100 ceramic, 200 resin.

If you introduce Easy Edge ceramic bond earlier it will reduce your chances of toolmarks from the metal bonds. EG. 30/40 metal, 50 ceramic, 100 ceramic, 200 resins.

Easy Edge will remove metal bond toolmarks and scratches. It is a special ceramic bond wheel with a large, flat surface area and rounded segment corners which leaves a smooth, fine finish and cuts into hard concrete. It can be used on a 230mm (9in) angle grinder to increase the speed of the work or on a 180mm (7in) polisher for more careful grinding.

Easy edge ceramic bond wheels can wear easily if used for first cut like a metal bond and are best used on a variable speed polisher, especially if the floor is very hard because they can burn on a very hard floor with a higher speed 230mm angle grinder. You will remove two resin steps and eliminate time spent removing accidental tool marks which make the extra cost and wear factor of these wheels seem very cheap.


Easy Edge ceramic bond diamond wheel

Even better is to use it on a Situp Grinder attachment because weights can be used to help cut into the floor faster and maintain a flat balanced position.

Easy Edge can also be used on the Situp Polisher if the floor is very hard and slower speed is required.

The Easy Edge diamond wheel is called a transition diamond wheel because the smoothness of the cut is between a metal bond and a resin bond grinding wheel. Not only will it remove scratches and toolmarks easily and smoothly, but the unique action leaves a fine white powder in the toolmarks and scratches to make them easy to identify and remove while you are grinding which substantially cuts down on the grinding times.

Easy Edge comes in five grits – 30, 50, 100, 270 & 400 and 178mm because 125mm is more difficult to maintain a flat surface grind. Our 178mm dust shroud will fit variable speed 180mm polishers.

An example of a concrete polishing nightmare with lots of toolmarks

When transitioning to resin bond wheels there is no need to drop down a grit size first. If you use a 100 grit Easy Edge you can go straight to 200 grit resin bond.

The video below shows a 270 grit ceramic bond Easy Edge wheel removing scratches from a 50/60 grit metal bond wheel. The concrete was of medium hardness and the Situp Polisher was used with 7.5kg of weight at the front to aid in the cutting while the wheel was floated across the floor.

This is an extreme example because jumping past the 100 grit will wear the ceramic bond wheel faster, but the time savings are very significant and it shows the cutting capacity of the ceramic bond.