Dustless Technology

Dustless technology for angle grinder dust shrouds includes floating skirt

Dustless technology for edge grinding

We bring you the very best dustless technology for concrete grinding and edge grinding


125mm corner dust shroud


178mm dust shroud

Hybrid floating skirts are a feature of these dust shrouds which keeps the skirt in contact with the floor while air is drawn in between the skirt and the steel body of the shroud through micro fibers for the best dustless technology. This prevents suck-down and friction which makes these dust shrouds the easiest to use. A quick removal cover strip is provided to block over the cut in the skirt made by the grinding wheel when it is pushed against a wall.

Grinding and polishing

This dustless technology is used for grinding concrete floors and polishing concrete floors. The 125mm corner dust shroud can be used to grind concrete using a 125mm angle grinder or it can be fitted to a 180mm variable speed polisher and used for polishing edges of floors. The 178mm dust shroud can be fitted to all the major brands of 230mm angle grinders for aggressive grinding of concrete floors or it can be fitted to a 180mm variable speed polisher with two special collar inserts that are available, but not normally supplied with the shroud.

Specialized diamond tooling for dustless technology shrouds

The diamond tooling below have been specially selected for their excellent performance and unique characteristics when used with the dustless technology dust shrouds. From the left, the Tearitoff wheel has round segments with small rods of matrix in each which will cut into hard concrete without having a soft bond and will remove soft and sticky coatings or glue easily without clogging. The Silver Turbo wheel is a good quality economy wheel that combines low cost and good performance without sacrificing long life. Ring pads are resin pads that come in 178mm diameter and are used on a backing pad with the 178mm dust shroud to polish concrete . Last in the photo below is the Easy Edge 178mm ceramic bond wheel that cuts hard concrete smoothly and removes tool marks from previous metal bond wheels which makes it an excellent edge grinding tool.


Tearitoff, Silver Turbo, Ring Pads, Easy Edge

With these dustless technology dust shrouds we recommend that you use a vacuum hose of 35mm or 11/2 inch diameter. It is not necessary to use a heavy, larger hose because our dustless technology is more efficient. Smaller hoses are easier to use and eliminate “fighting” the hose which means more accurate grinding control and less fatigue.