dust shroud history

Dust Shroud History And Inventor

Dust Shroud History

The dust shroud history is that Bill Glynn and Warren Duncan invented it in 1989 which eventually became the Sawtec brand, but how it was invented is a great story.

Bill Glynn destroyed his son’s basketball

Bill found the first dry diamond cupwheel for angle grinders which was developed in Japan in the late 1980’s very useful for grinding away concrete runs on walls after formwork was removed, however the dust that was created was a hazard.

In 1989 the dust shroud invention prototype was developed when Bill took his son’s basketball and cut it in half, then turned it inside out and used it as a dust shroud. A hole was cut in it for the angle grinder mounting and a tube was attached for vacuum dust removal. It was used on concrete pours to remove the run marks and he got other orders for them because it worked so well.

dust shroud invention

Flexible shroud similar to Sawtec


Crac Vac

A mold was needed for production

His mate Warren eventually made a mold and they started to make flexible shrouds for the industry. The next step was to help tuckpointers and joint repairers to clean out joints. They organised help to make a prototype which connected a fan to an angle grinder so the fan would suck out all the dust. Next they provided a felt bag to send the dust to and collect it.

At WOC 1992 they demonstrated the dust shroud invention by concrete cutting in the main hall without dust and received massive inquiries for their products. Blastrac purchased Sawtec in 1995.

From that time forward the brand was successfully marketed to end users, tool shops, diamond outlets etc. and was the dominant shroud for around a decade until polishing of concrete became popular and edging became a more important task which caused new developments.

The next chapter of dust shroud history is that other designs were developed to compete with Sawtec including in 2004 two steel shrouds exhibited at World of Concrete Orlando, one of which was the Situp Products shroud now manufactured by Concrete Grinder Sales. Today there are many new dust shrouds from around the globe, but it is difficult to say if one shroud is the best; they all have their features and drawbacks depending on the type of work being performed and the contractor who is using it.

The Concrete Grinder Sales (old Situp Products)  dust shroud was the first frictionless shroud because the skirt did not touch the floor and air entered the small gap between the skirt and the floor.

It was the first dust shroud to:

  • have dustless edging where the skirt wrapped over the flattened edging section reducing the gap
  • it was the first to develop multiple inserts to fit most grinders
  • the first to have a 90 degree corner to grind into corners
  • the first to bring out a hook and loop skirt that could be adjusted without tools
  • the first to have a continuous floating skirt so that adjustment of skirt height is automatic

Dustless Technology

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