Cornerhood Dust Extraction

Cornerhood Dust Extraction Shroud Grinds Into Corners

Cornerhood dust extraction shroud is a breakthrough tool that allows concrete grinding and concrete polishing along walls and into corners without restriction

The body of the cornerhood dust extraction shroud has two flat sides and is stamped from steel with a welded steel mounting collar and welded steel dust port tube for strength and durability. When the two flat sides are placed in a corner the grinding wheel will touch both walls which is the closest that a grinding wheel will reach in a corner while it retains its dust control.

To eliminate constant changing of the skirt height the hybrid skirt which is molded from plastic floats freely and always makes contact with the floor without any friction.

A hook and loop attached cover strip is provided to seal the skirt when grinding against walls will cause the grinding wheel to break through the skirt. The cover strip is removed when edge grinding and replaced when floor grinding.

The Cornerhood dust extraction shroud fits most of the popular brands of angle grinders and polishers by incorporating a unique mounting system with precision molded inserts that are colour coded to the grinder brand to make it easier to choose the correct insert for the grinder.

In use this Cornerhood dust extraction shroud floats across the floor without seal friction or suck down to provide ultimate control and comfort for the operator.

It is specially designed to provide front and side edging sections and to position the vacuum port away from the walls so that the vacuum hose will not interfere with the access to the corner.

When fitted to an angle grinder with a diamond cupwheel Cornerhood dust extraction shroud completes the system to become a very efficient, hand-held, dustless floor grinder, floor edger and floor polisher.

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Cornerhood dust extraction shroud for 125mm grinding wheels

No other dust extraction shroud in the world has the same combination of features.