Concrete Floor Grinder

Concrete floor grinder choices for hand grinding and edges

We have three types of concrete floor grinder

Our concrete floor grinders use the patented, steel construction, dust extraction shroud technology which were specially developed for smooth grinding without suck down and better dust control.

1. Seven inch (178mm) shroud concrete floor grinder

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7 inch (178mm) concrete grinder, kneel-to-use with edging feature

2. Five inch (125mm) corner dust shroud concrete floor grinder/polisher


Corner dust shroud fitted to a 180mm polisher

3. Situp N Grind concrete floor grinder and edger using a nine inch (230mm) angle grinder

Sitting down to grind after a larger machine failed to remove all the epoxy

Dustless grinding and edging equipment are essential for all floor contractors

These concrete floor grinders and edging tools are an essential part of every contractor’s concrete grinding equipment. This is because most of the larger grinding tools are not designed to feather out to the edges. They also fail to provide a weight bias towards the wall.
Diamond grinding is the preferred way to prepare floors for coatings, sealers, vinyl and overlays. It is also used for polishing or decorative finishes and dry grinding is faster than wet with less cleanup. The dry waste is automatically picked up and collected via the dust collector/vacuum.

How to work safely with dry materials

How diamonds grind concrete

The tools above use angle grinders with diamond grinding cupwheels fitted which are surrounded by a dust shroud. The diamond segments will readily grind away concrete reducing it to a fine dust. That dust is exhausted through the vacuum port connected to a vacuum dust collector via a flexible vacuum hose as indicated in the top picture.

The diamond grinding cupwheels have diamond segments welded to them which are blocks of metal with diamonds dispersed throughout. As the metal wears away the diamonds are exposed and they cut the concrete. It is essential that the concrete dust and sands cut back the metal for the diamonds to work. For more information about segments go to

Grinding Hard Concrete.

How to use a diamond cupwheel

Concrete floor grinding with angle grinders requires the cupwheel to be held flat on the floor. Cupwheels have many hard, rigid, metal segments welded to them which are not flexible.
The diamond cupwheel is held flat on the floor with light pressure while the grinder is started. Once the grinding begins the cupwheel must be moved in a circular motion to prevent grinding a depression in the floor.