angle grinders for situp kits

Angle Grinders for Situp kits

Angle grinders are perfect for Situp Kits

Most of the popular nine inch (230mm) angle grinders on the market have a similar power rating and perform as a Situp concrete grinder with little noticeable difference.

Concrete grinding can be hard on the bearings so cheaper angle grinders may not last as long as the most popular brands.

Angle grinders vary in output power due to different motor efficiencies so that one of the same wattage input will put out a different power to another.


In countries where the domestic power is 240 Volts the 2400W  grinders are significantly better than the 2300W models for the Situp Grinder.

Nine inch (230mm) angle grinders

The best model is a 9 in (230mm) angle grinder that runs at around 6,500 rpm and has powerful torque and strong gears. Situp Grinder attachments will fit all popular 9 in angle grinders using the spacers provided. The ideal speed of diamond segments for cutting is found with a 7″ cupwheel at 6,000 rpm.

Seven inch (180mm) angle grinders

These angle grinders are often identical in appearance to 9 in angle grinders, but they have less output power and run at around 8,000 rpm which is too fast for the diamond segments and not enough torque when you need it.

Seven in (180mm) Polishers

Do not use polishers for first-cut preparation because the gears are not as heavy duty as a 9″ angle grinder unless you are using the Easy Edge diamond tooling wheels that are less aggressive than metal bond diamond tooling.

Polisher/sanders are excellent for polishing concrete with their variable speed control and for attaching to the Situp Polisher kit if the 7 in, 178mm dust shroud and polishing pads are used.

The 5″ Hybrid dust shroud can be fitted to most 7″ polishers with the exception of Milwaukee for which we have made special adapters for the so that our shrouds will fit them, however the 5 in, 125mm hybrid dust shroud cannot be used successfully with the Situp Polisher kit because of instability.