Tearitoff for glue and soft coating removal

Tearitoff for glue and better dust control

Tearitoff removes glue and controls dust

The unique shape of Tearitoff segments make it a superior cupwheel for glue and soft coating removal.

The hard bond also make them ideal for controlling dust on soft concrete by preventing the dust from being thrown out past the seal which happens with many other types of segments on soft concrete.

Tearitoff is a long wearing, hard bond segment that cuts similarly to a medium bond because of its shape so it has a wider range of use compared to similarly priced hard bond wheels.

Another advantage is that a 30/40 grit will remove soft coatings and glue as easily as a conventional 16/20 grit wheel without leaving a deep scratch pattern which saves a grinding step to remove the scratches.

Tearitoff for glue and soft coating removal comes in 20/30, 30/40, 50/60 and 100/120 grits. The 30/40 is available at reduced price until stocks reduce.

  • Low purchase price
  • Economical wear rate
  • Hard bond long life that cuts like a medium bond
  • Smooth to use
  • Glue
  • Soft coatings
  • No clogging
  • Less dust
  • Low scratch pattern
  • Saves a grinding step

Why not swap all your hard bond tools to Tearitoff? They are very economical with a wider range of uses.

Tearitoff diamond grinding wheels are specially designed to bite into soft coatings and remove them easily without clogging. Their unique design  will also grind down to aggregate in medium/hard concrete smoothly and easily with little heat which resists glazing of the diamonds.

Each circular segment of Tearitoff for glue and soft coating removal has 19 conical cutting surfaces rather than a solid segment to reduce friction, remove  material easier and scarify soft coatings and glue. The small diamond cones resist glazing and heating up and they cut through soft coatings and remove the top paste in a smooth, controlled action. The points also diffuse the dust rather than throw it out from under the shroud when the surface is soft.

Although not as fast as PCD wheels on thick overlays they are smooth and the 30/40 grit wheels will remove softer coatings as easily as 16/20 diamond segments without the deep scratch marks which will remove one grinding step and save costs significantly.

Tearitoff wheels are very economical and will not wear quickly because the bond is not as soft as other medium bond segments